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Tips for writing essays and write-ups required from those shortlisted for interview.

Round Application DeadlineInterview ShortlistEssay Deadline
R13 September 201817 September 201828 September 2018
R25 November 201816 November 201826 November 2018

Question 1: Describe a situation where your professional ethics were challenged and how you came to terms with the situation. What did you learn from this? (500 words)

EssayLever Tips:

Identify a time in your life when you stood up for your principles. When it was lucrative to compromise on what was ethically right, what did you do, what was the result? What did you learn?

Bring out what you thought, felt and did. How did you manage the circumstances that were forcing you to compromise on your ethics?

Show what was the result.

Show what you learned about upholding your ethics.

Question 2: Describe a situation where you failed and how did you deal with this experience. What did you learn from this? (500 words)

EssayLever Tips:

Identify a time when you failed despite trying your best.

Make sure the failure was yours and not someone elses. Bring out a real failure experience.

You can make a strong impact with a failure experience if you come across as someone who is honestly sharing a situation when things didn't turn out the way you wanted.

Show how you introspected after the experience, saw the situation honestly and learned from it.

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