ISB Comprehensive Essay Service Pack

Why an essay service?

  • Identify your strengths and aspirations
  • Deliberate essay content
  • Get accross your message
  • Lay strong foundation for a good interview


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No Draft

Content: ✗
Presentation: ✗



Rough Draft

Content: ?
Presentation: ?



Good Draft

Content: ✓
Presentation: ✗



Polished Essay

Content: ✓
Presentation: ✓

Start-to-finish full feature essay service that brings out on paper who you are and why you want to join ISB.

If you already have a draft of the essay, you may want to instead consider
Essay Consulting Service or Essay Editing Service

The service has three parts to it:

From No Draft to Rough Draft

Over phone, we discuss the essay topic with you and make you understand the requirements - what the admissions committee expects to learn about you through the essay. We help you recall experiences and identify motivations, strengths and abilities to include in the essay. We help you select suitable content (intent, experiences, abilities, perspectives) for the essay. We help you explore different sides of the selected content so as to help you write the first draft of the essay. By the end of the session, you would know what to include in your essay. You would write the first draft based on our discussions and send it to us for our review.

From Rough Draft to Good Draft

We reveiw your draft to help identify gaps. We check if you communicated your intent, experiences, abilities and perspectives. Are all sub-parts of the essay question addressed? Are the claims in the essay appropriately substantiated? Is the introduction and conclusion appropriate? We point at the areas that need further work and offer suggestions to bring them up to the required level. We remain at this stage and continue working with you till we have the right content for the essay.

From Good Draft to Polished Essay

In the final stage of the process, we help improve the presentation of your content. We help identify and follow the best possible approach to convey your ideas and make the essay easy and interesting to read. We check the essay for grammatical correctness, for transition between sentences and paragraphs, and for consistency in the flow of ideas. To meet word limits we remove redundant words, sentences and ideas, and prioritize the content to retain only the relevant parts. Edited essays are ready to submit.


The service is delivered over phone and email. It allows unlimited phone and email interaction and availability till you are fully satisfied with the essays.


Rs.8360 for the two ISB essays.

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How are our essay services priced so competitively?

  • We don't hire alumni of specific schools as consultants because they charge too much and don't have skills required for the job.
  • What you need is a sounding board for your ideas so we have consultants who listen well, understand people, and empathize with their backgrounds. Add to that a sound experience of decades and you get consultants who can help you write a great application and provide transforming understanding of your strengths and abilities.
  • We have heard accounts from our customers of expensive services becoming counter productive for their admissions: Because they charged more and felt the pressure to deliver results, they made them write stuff to get an interview invite without worrying about whether they can defend it in the interview.
  • We start and end the service with the premise that there is enough in your background to get you an admit. We stay confined to help you identify relevant parts of your background and bring them out through the essays. This approach has helped hundreds of our customers over the last eighteen years get into the top business schools across the world.

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