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Get the content right, then have the essay edited.

You need an initial draft to avail this service. If you need help writing the first draft, please consider
Comprehensive Essay Service

The service has two parts to it:

From Rough Draft to Good Draft

We reveiw your draft to help identify gaps. We check if you communicated your intent, experiences, abilities and perspectives. Are all sub-parts of the essay question addressed? Are the claims in the essay appropriately substantiated? Is the introduction and conclusion appropriate? We point at the areas that need further work and offer suggestions to bring them up to the required level. We remain at this stage and continue working with you till we have the right content for the essay.

From Good Draft to Polished Essay

In the final stage of the process, we help improve the presentation of your content. We help identify and follow the best possible approach to convey your ideas and make the essay easy and interesting to read. We check the essay for grammatical correctness, for transition between sentences and paragraphs, and for consistency in the flow of ideas. To meet word limits we remove redundant words, sentences and ideas, and prioritize the content to retain only the relevant parts. Edited essays are ready to submit.


The service is delivered over phone and email. It allows unlimited phone and email interaction and availability till you are fully satisfied with the essay.


Rs.3400 per essay. Discounts apply when you signup for multiple essays. Please refer table below.

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