Interview Service - ISB, Top US, European and Canadian schools

Develop the confidence to face and crack the business school admission interview.

Here is what the service covers:

  • Prepare answers to the 15 commonly asked interview questions. Those who crack the interview know the importance of preparing their responses to the commonly asked questions.

  • Know how to project your career progression and career plans. Show yourself as a candidate who understands the importance of an MBA for his career.

  • Address perceived weaknesses in your application. Develop the right perspectives to discuss your imperfections.

  • Identify your unique abilities and experiences to highlight during the interview. Drive your interview.

  • Receive general interviewing tips and suggestions, the dos and don'ts for your interview. It will help you stay in control from the start of the interview to the finish.

  • Get your mind centered around the good you have done and been. Prepare the ground to generate impactful responses during the interview.

  • One package for all your business school admission interviews. Helps you succeed in interviews across different business schools.


Four one-hour sessions over phone or skype. Valid for a month after you signup.


Rs.12000 for the complete preparation package. Will get you ready to crack the interview.


Pay using Indian Credit Card / Debit Card, netbanking of an Indian bank account, or UPI.

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Pay using an international card or bank account. (If your card payments are billed in a currency other than Indian Rupees)

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