UCLA Anderson MBA Essays

Essay Writing Tips and Application Deadlines

Round Application Deadline
R12 October 2018
R28 January 2019
R316 April 2019

Describe your short-term and long-term career goals. How can the UCLA Anderson experience add value to your professional development? (500 words maximum)

EssayLever Suggestions:

Logically connect your past experience with the short-term goals and the short-term goals with long-term goals. Show how your professional strengths, abilities and interests are ideally suited for the career you have chosen. Identify the skills and experiences you need to build up in order to achieve the goals and show how specific parts of the program will help you acquire them.

What are you passionate about and why? (300 words maximum)

EssayLever Suggestions:

What is that one interest, activity, value or pursuit that means more to you than others?

OPTIONAL: Are there any extenuating circumstances in your profile about which the Admissions Committee should be aware? (250 words maximum)

Don't sumarize your application here. Address a negative if you are sure you can address it and not highlight it.

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